2- Items Power Point (10 slides min) and 5 Page Term paper

5 Page Term Paper- Topic: Recognition and Response- History of Language – APA Format 3 Source Minimum.


A five page term paper is required on a relevant topic.


  • The general rules for all narrative papers are

  • MS Word Document format submitted both electronically and in hardcopy; if not in MS Word will be rejected.

  • All such reports are scanned via Turnitin.com for plagiarism

  • Format must be 1” margins all around, Times Roman 12 point font, 1.5 lines spacing; use Page Setup

  • Do not use “quotes” for emphasis (as shown here). Quoted material is to be a single spaced block, additionally indented one inch, quote marks at start and end of block.

  • No more than ½ page of illustration counts to the narrative page count. Excess will not be included in page count.

  • No more than ½ page of quoted material counts toward the narrative page count. Excess will not be included in page count.

  • Cover and reference citation pages are required but do not count toward the narrative page count

Power Point Minimal 10 Slides

Below is the link for the topic of the power Point at least 10 slides.


Turn in the complete presentation by the date due in a SINGLE MS PowerPoint ® format file.

Minimum Requirements

· Length –minimum of 10 slides

· Same source restrictions as Term Paper





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