2 page paper

Prepare: Review the Introduction and Chapter 1 of the course text. In addition, read the assigned article, China’s Double-Digit Defense Growth: What It Means for a Peaceful Rise??(Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (PDF version).

Reflect: The study of international relations often involves trying to describe, explain, and predict global interactions using various theoretical perspectives. Importantly, our ability to describe, explain, and predict accurately how states react to military competition, often described as arms races, is critical for expanding our understanding of global politics. Consequently, the ability not only to analyze arms races between states using established theories of international relations but also to explain these interactions using the Prisoner???s Dilemma paradigm are critical skills that all political scientists must have in order to become proficient in their chosen field of study

Write: In your assignment, complete the following:

  • Discuss how the article illustrates a prisoner???s dilemma.
  • Describe the realist, liberal, and identity perspectives reflected in the article.
  • Explain the best course of action for the U.S., using the Prisoner???s Dilemma paradigm as a guide.

The Week One Assignment:

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