5 page analysis report on the Ponemon Institute study

Write a 5 page analysis report on the Ponemon Institute study:


2016 Cost of Data Breach Study:Global Analysis


In your analysis, please answer the following questions:

  • Were you surprised to learn about the magnitude of the breaches?  If yes or no, please explain why?
  • Make at least three recommendations to reduce the magnitude of the breaches based on the listed root causes of data breaches


The root causes of data breaches:

Most data breaches were caused by malicious or criminal attacks.

48 percent of incidents involved a malicious or criminal attack,

25 percent were caused by negligent employees or contractors (human factor) and,

27percent involve system glitches that includes both IT and business process failures.


  • Write your own conclusion and opinion about the study and the findings.

This paper will be APA format and the five pages do not include the title and reference pages. 

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