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5 Page Term Paper MS Word- Topic: Instrument Calibration for Industrial Hygiene Class


A five page term paper is required on a relevant topic(Instrument Calibration)

Why do insruments need to be calibrated and purpose.






The general rules for all narrative papers are




  • MS Word Document format submitted both electronically and in hardcopy; if not in MS Word

    will be rejected

  • All such reports are scanned via Turnitin.com for plagiarism

  • Format must be 1??? margins all around, Times Roman 12 point font, 1.5 lines spacing; use Page


  • Do not use ???quotes??? for emphasis (as shown here). Quoted material is to be a single spaced

    block, additionally indented one inch, quote marks at start and end of block.

  • No more than ?? page of illustration counts to the narrative page count. Excess will not be

    included in page count.

  • No more than ?? page of quoted material counts toward the narrative page count. Excess will

    not be included in page count.

  • Cover and reference citation pages are required but do not count toward the narrative page count

  • Pages short will affect score to the nearest half page: e.g. 10 points for ?? page short, etc.

  • Improper use may also reduce page count and or score




At least 3 Sources


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