A+ Work

Question 1
Discuss the innovation strategies you feel would provide sustainable change and organizational success. Provide specific examples. 

Question 2

Throughout this course, you have been analyzing and researching innovative strategies and structures. When considering innovation within organizations, what do you think has the greatest impact for innovative success? Support your ideas with specific details.

Throughout this course, you have been methodically investigating, analyzing, and proposing solutions for supporting innovative thinking within an organization. In this assignment, you will bring it all together in a final culminating assignment. The goal of the assignment is to persuade the organization to hire you to implement your innovative structures and strategies.

Choose the most essential pieces from your assignments in Topics 3-7 to include in your 3-4 minute pitch, along with the steps to maintain your innovation structure.

For the video component of the assignment, you will create a document with the video access link and submit this document to your instructor. 

In addition, you are required to submit the script of your pitch. 

You are free to choose the method you are most comfortable using in order to create your video. Some options are a smartphone, tablet, video camera, or webcam. Upload your video to YouTube and copy that link in to a document for your instructor. Make sure to include:

An overview of the organization’s history.
An assessment of the innovative culture within the organization.
A concise personal vision that describes yourself as an innovative leader.
An overview of your proposed organizational structure to improve innovation within the organization.
A summary highlighting your strategy for engaging innovative employees and fostering a climate of learning and development.
Steps you need to take and maintain in order to keep the innovation momentum within the organization.
This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.



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