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Please determine the probability and cost of a card in the following sports card case purchase and the odds as follows
Base Card Set:
A 200 card base set features players from the Socceroos, Matildas and A-League teams, including new players for the upcoming 2016/17 Hyundai A-League season.
Each team will also feature a Team Logo header card.
Parallel Card Sets:
Each Base card will feature a Silver Parallel version (1:2 Packs) and a Gold Parallel version (1:4 Packs).
Other Insert Cards:
• Midfield Magicians (12 Cards – 1:18 Packs)
• Last Line of Defence (12 Cards – 1:18 Packs)
• Sharp Shooters (12 Cards – 1:36 Packs)
• International A-League Stars (10 Cards – 1:36 Packs)
Signature Stars:
• The exciting addition of “Signature Stars” (11 cards 1:90 Packs). Will feature a signature card from each A-League team and one from the Socceroos. (4 per case)
Match Worn Jersey / Signature Card (via Redemption):
• Socceroo Signed Jersey Cards Mathew Ryan and Robbie Slater feature in Jersey/Signature Cards this season (2 Cards – 1:810 Packs)
Each box has 36 packs
Each case has 10 boxes
Cost is $3.99 per pack
Each pack has 8 base cards and 1 insert card

450 cases produced



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