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This is a comprehensive problem all contained on this spreadsheet tab.     
Process Job Costing and Equivalent Units of Production      
Bay Manufacturing produces paint. The company has two processes: mixing and packaging.  
The ingredients for the paint are mixed in large batches and then transferred to the packaging department, where one-gallon cans are filled, capped, labeled, and boxed.    
There was no work in process on February 1. The materials are all brought to the packaging job up front and charged to the job. Nothing is transferred to finished goods until the entire job is complete. The materials costs include the packaging, material, and the cost transferred from the mixing department.    
On February 2,  15,000 gallons (job 2-1) were transferred into the packaging department from the  
mixing department and completed on February 19.        
The costs incurred to complete job 2-1 in the packaging department are as follows:    
   Materials                 56,250      
   Labor                 10,250      
   Overhead (applied based on direct labor hours)                   7,500      
On February 20, another 20,000 gallons (job 2-2) were transferred into the packaging department.  
Job 2-2 was 50% complete as to labor at the end of the month.      
The costs incurred (unit cost unchanged from job 2-1) to complete job 2-2 in the packaging  
department are as follows:        
   Materials                 75,000      
   Labor                 12,500      
   Overhead (applied based on direct labor hours)                 10,000      
1.  Compute the physical units of production.        
2.  Compute the cost per unit to complete packaging for labor, materials, overhead, and total.
3.  Compute equivalent units and cost of work in process as of the end of February.  
4.  Record journal entries for:        
     a.  the movement of materials from materials inventory to each job    
     b.  the allocation of payroll to each job        
     c.  the application of overhead to each job        
     d.  the movement of work in process to finished goods      
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