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Accounting Essay 600 words

This assignment is designed to teach you how to research a company of your choice. You will be performing an analysis of the financial statements of a publicly traded company.??

  1. To obtain these financial statements. you will need to access??http://www.sec.gov/

  2. Once you are on the SEC website, click on ???Company Filings??? in the top right corner of the page, located under??

    the search box.??

  3. You may then search by the company name or ticker symbol to locate the company you want to research.??

  4. Once you have obtained your company???s financial statements, it is time begin your analysis. Within your analysis??

    you must include, but are not limited to, the following information:??

    • ??? ??The company???s current ratio,??

    • ??? ??debt to equity ratio,??

    • ??? ??return on equity, and??

    • ??? ??whether the company is improving over time.??

  5. You will need to support your analysis with at least one scholarly reference from the CSU Online Library. It is??

    recommended that you use Business Source Complete for your database search, but, again, it is only a recommendation. Use your scholarly reference(s) to support your analysis of the company and its financial statements.??

Your essay should be a minimum of two pages in length and follow APA guidelines. The CSU librarians can help you with your research for this assignment.??

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