Accounting research and writing


Research and Writing – Based upon John R. Dorocak, The Clinton’s Legal Defense Fund: Income from Payment of Legal Expenses by Another and Deductibility of Such Expenses, 104 W. Va. L Rev 1 (2001)


Items to be Located

Separately described below are items of authority (cases, Revenue Rulings, etc.) to be located by the student.


Research Resources

The materials should be found by using the following online services: CCH and Westlaw. The availability and use of these resources is explained elsewhere.


Assignment Due

For the particular item located, the student should:

1)     Turn in a 1-2 paragraph summary (on 1-2 pages) (typed and printed on a word processor in the student’s own words) of the 1 item located,

2)     Turn in a 1 paragraph summary (same 1-2 pages) of how the item was located.

3)     Turn in a 2 page attachment (1 page from each of 2 research resources – Westlaw and CCH, original only please) showing the item located.

4)     Students may work together. Each student must turn in his or her own written summary and attachments.



Clinton Items to be Locate 

Students should (1) choose and read at least one small portion of the Dorocak article from sections II (income) or III (deduction), and then (2) also choose one item of authority (e.g., a case, IRS ruling) mentioned in the paper and (3) find that item (Westlaw and CCH) and write about it as described above.



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