ACCT 530 Accounting Ethics Complete Course (2016) Latest

ACCT 530 Accounting Ethics and Related Regulatory Issues (2016)


ACCT 530 Week 1 Assignment; Case Study 1-8 (A Faulty Budget)

In this case, Jackson Daniels, an accountant for a manufacturing company, faces an ethical dilemma that is all too common in the accounting profession: overstating budget forecasts…

ACCT 530 Week 2 Assignment; Case Study 3-2 (Amgen Whistle blowing)

In this case, Amgen Inc., a California-based pharmaceutical company, faced multiple lawsuits for accusations of perpetrating Medicare and Medicaid kickback schemes and two whistle blowing lawsuits.

Week 3 Assignment; Case Study 2-4 (Better Boston Beans)

This case is based on the ethical values of two employees that work the night shift at Better Boston Beans: Cindie Rosen (new employee) and Jeffrey Lyndell (assistant shift supervisor recently demoted from shift supervisor). 

Week 4 Assignment; Character Trait

The character trait I chose to research was independence.  In my opinion, independence focuses on the ability of accounting professionals to complete accounting work free of personal or professional impairments. 

Week 5 Assignment; Case Study 5-4 Audit Client Considerations

In this case, an Arizona-based audit firm, Cardinal & Coyote LLP, faces a decision of whether or not to compete for the business of Jost International, a local furniture company. Sharon Rules, the managing partner of the audit firm,

Week 6 Assignment; Case Study 6-10 (SEC and Zurich Financial Services)

Zurich Financial Services is an insurance provider based out of Switzerland. They provide core business services worldwide particularly in Europe, Asia Pacific, North America and Latin America

Week 7 Assignment; Powers Report

Summary and Analysis of the Report of the Special Investigative Committee of the Board of Directors of Enron Corporation (Powers Report)

Week 8 Course Project; Major Case 4 (Cendant Corporation)

ACCT 530 Exam Test Preparations

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