Integration Technology

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Integration Technology

Data driven components are essential in controlling a given approach concerning all the operations to be set up in an organization. Decision-making is important in increasing all the required trends of operation hence enabling a clear society for clear decision-making approaches. The use of computerized calculators may be used in deciding some of the trends that can be used in avoiding serious mistakes in of operations. The increasing level of entities should be able to set up clear modules that may be used in deciding all the approaches to be used when different opportunities are in controlled nature. Coming up with correct opportunities should be used increasing the trend at which decision ought to be reached.

Classification of all the components will also be used as a target towards increasing the returns of an organization. In addition, use of spreadsheets calculation may also be important in predicting the future trends in the organization. Defined measures based on the relevant approaches can be used in running different components at a given time. Hectic decision may be reached because of controls that are available through the defined manner. Decision-making ought to be controlled with correct formulas that are associated with excel calculations. Proper decision can initiate smooth transition concerning all the modules classified in the end of the operation period. The use of defined scales for the decision outcome is also another component of finding correct results in the entire operations. There should be clear decision regarding all the components to be initiated at clear methodologies. All the improvements will thus be able to formulate particular outcome in a controlled manner (In Schrum, 2011).

A company that is ready to come up with profit making strategies should be able to come up with diversified approaches regarding what should be done depending on the decision-making approaches. There should be relevant entities that can be used in formulating all the approaches concerning a particular event and facts finding. The company must be able to define the types of calculators that should be used in emulating a specific character of information presented. In addition, the defined priorities should be enabled when coming up with improved methods of highlighting decision at a given routine (Taylor, 2004). In addition, relevant line of scale should be employed with the effort of coming up with clear decision all the time.



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Business Analytics and Informed Business Decisions

Running of important operations in the organization is always essential in coming up with different approaches concerning set entities at any given time. Major operations will ensure that the organization is able to control different aspects thus being able to influence positively the methods required. Initiating proper procedures enhances the intensity at which data mining will improve on the basic operations will decreasing the relevant trends. Improving particular aspects in the society should also be a blueprint towards obtaining some of the inline necessary in formulating the relevant results. Enabling individuals to process information based on opinions should also be taken into consideration all the time. The impact the individual will be able to yield should work towards the obtaining of best modules without controlling the projected entities. Managers tend to follow information given by other people due to the trust they might be having on them (Jarke, 2014).

The information being given out can poses the entire opportunities that require more decision. Depending on a set level of transparency, it is the decision given out by other individuals that will decide on the manager’s level of information yielding. All the priorities presented should be set up to improve what may be decreasing the returns in the organization. It is therefore important to reduce the risk in production through the yielding of proper information at all the given approaches. The set requirements will then be essential in reducing loses that might be associated with decreased entities in the market.


Managers ensure they follow the correct blueprint regarding the organization goals and mandates. The given operations should be set on a given priority without depending on other modes of communication and research (Persson & Ryals, 2014). In the presence of increased priorities, it is important to formulate the specification of an organization through the set and controlled procedures. Managers are thereby given the opportunities of choosing so of the goals to take care of through the improvement controls. The entities given out will thus be seen as an entity to increase the requirements depending on what can be shown on a set platform. All the relevant operations can be given concerning the level of priorities used in running critical programs of an organization.

My organization has committed several mistakes based on the particular trends thus minimizing the returns. One of the mistakes that was committed by the organization was to depend on the information one customer gave out concerning the services. The customer criticized the level of services that was being offered in the organization. The managing team could set up different channels that could be essential in revealing some of the aspects that could be used in increasing the production level.

By setting up clear guidelines, concerning the operations in the organization can be one of the best ways of ensuring that the organization is able to control some of the mistakes committed. The specification given out regarding some of the trends can be essential in controlling all the misfortunes that may be experienced at a given stage.



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