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Link for Video: 

watch a 60- minute video that presents several aspects of healthy eating and lifestyle related diseases and how we can prevent and even reverse these conditions. 2. The video is called “The Truth About Food” and will be viewed on Bb Learn. 3. Type a review answering the following questions: a. What’s are some negative effects of “bad” cholesterol? b. What are some high fiber foods mentioned in the video? c. What is “Gut transit time” and what is the problem with it being too long? d. What is the physiological reason for erectile dysfunction? i. Why the heck is Professor Repka asking us about erectile dysfunction? (ie, how does it relate to diet and overall health?) e. What kind of foods and food components help balance intestinal bacteria? f. What do some paleontologists believe was a benefit of adding meat to the diet of our ancestors? g. What are the health benefits of omega 3 fatty acids? h. What was the doctor’s advice to Fiona’s brother Neil to reduce his cholesterol? i. Give a summary of the outcome of the “Evolutionary Diet” experiment. j. What information or motivation from this video do you think would be most beneficial to share with individuals who are currently eating a very poor diet?

This assignment should be at least 500 words

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