What are the social functions of art?  Why is music and literature important to a culture?

You may prepare you essay using your class notes, books and your word processing program. Enter the exam and paste in your response. I have set the exam/essay to maximum time (12 hours), this should give you plenty of time to edit your work. You will only be able to enter the exam/essay once. A possible solution – or key points for your essay – will be displayed in the grade book. The essay is not auto-graded.


*Art is used to communicate feelings.

*Art contributes to human well being and gives shape to life.

*Art is a form of adornment.

*Art is used to make a statement about who you are.

*Art tells stories, expresses values, hopes and concerns.

*Art allows people to use their imagination to interpret, understand, celebrate and enjoy life.

*Art is inextricably intertwined with everything people do.

Please note the following Rubrics that I will be using to grade this session  
Rubrics for Essay Discussion Questions 20 points Content/Explanation = 75%  
Word Count if there is a word count required of 250 words 
225 – 249 = -2 points  
200 – 224 = -3 points  
175 – 199 = -4 points  
150 – 174 = -5 points  
125 – 149 = -6 points  
100 – 124 = -7 points  
50 – 99 = -8.5 points  
less than 50 = -12 points  
Explanation – Has the student sufficiently explained their ideas? Does the essay or the comment contain pertinent dates, details and specifics?

Good explanation – all questions answered and statements explained, all dates details and specifics included= full credit  
Good/fair explanation – student answers most questions and explains most statements/ideas but leaves some unexplained, some dates included but not all events have a specific date = – 2 points  
Fair/good – student answers some questions and explains statements/ideas, but leaves most unexplained, most events do not have a date included = -4 points  
Needs Improvement – student answers maybe one of the questions, gives basic ideas and does not explain the ideas, most specifics and dates left out = -6 points  
Not Satisfactory – student answers maybe one of the questions, gives basic ideas and does not explain the ideas, no dates or details are included = -10 points  
1-2 errors = -1 point  
3-5 errors = -3 points  
5+ errors = -5 points  
Late post = 10% deduction per day  
Plagiarism? Plagiarizing can result in an automatic 0 for the weekly discussion forum assignment.  
If you are taking information from a source, make sure that you cite it.



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