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Review our assigned reading by Farmer on structural violence (Farmer, Paul. 1996. “On Suffering and Structural Violence: A View From Below.”)  It is posted under week one and week seven. Summarize the concept of structural violence by drawing explicitly from the reading, and by providing examples in your own words. Select one current health issue or disease and one specific country.  Locate five scholarly peer reviewed journal articles.  Explore how structural violence influenced the emergence, spread, and treatment of the disease or health issue in the country you chose. For example, you might research HIV/AIDS in South Africa, domestic violence in India, or TB in Peru.  Consider issues of stratification,access to health care, government policies, and/or cultural attitudes towards people with the affliction. Draw upon your articles to support your points.  Refer explicitly to the concept of structural violence and Farmer’s insights as you apply the concept of structural violence to your chosen health issue. You should think carefully about your topic before beginning.  Run some experimental searches via the library to see which topic will yield the most interesting information. 

Include in-text citations and references.  Please follow APA formatting.  Your paper should be four pages long, double spaced, 12 point font.  For this assignment, please do confine yourself to the page limit. The four pages does not include a cover page or reference page.  You do not have to include a cover page. A reference page is required.

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