Are you able to complete science (earth) assignment due 7/31/16 at 100pm eastern time1 page

Requirements: cites , references, apa format , double space  Must be very knowledgable of earth science a must!!!!! The disscusion assignment topic is volcanos was threade that I choose . Answer questions accordigly tas directed MUST CITE and USE resources that are provide!!!!

Required Resources


  • McConnell, D., & Steer, D. (2015). The good earth: Introduction to earth science (3rd ed.). Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill.
    • Chapter 4, “Plate Tectonics” (pp. 75–104) 

      In this chapter, you will learn more about plate tectonics and forces behind it.

    • Chapter 5, “Earthquakes”
      • 5.3 “Faults, Earthquakes, and Plate Tectonics” (pp. 110–117)
      • 5.6 “Earthquake Hazards” (pp. 126–134)

      Is the area you live in susceptible to earthquakes? Chapter 5 discusses the forces of plate tectonics, faults, earthquakes, and how they affect the planet.

    • Chapter 6, “Volcanoes and Other Mountains”
      • 6.2 “Magma Viscosity” (pp. 142–144)
      • 6.3 “Magma Sources and Magma Composition” (pp. 144–147)
      • 6.5 “Products of Volcanic Eruptions” (pp. 152–160)
      • 6.6 “Volcanoes and Volcanic Landforms” (pp. 160–164)
      • 6.7 “Mountains: Why Are They There?” (pp. 164–167)
      • 6.8 “The Rise and Fall of Mountains and Temperatures” (pp. 167–169)

      You have learned about plate tectonics and heard of magma below the Earth’s crust. This chapter discusses the properties of magma, the part that magma plays in plate tectonics, the creation of volcanoes, and how mountains form as a result of plate tectonics and volcanic activity.

  • Exploring Earth. (n.d.c). Examine a map showing earthquake risks. Retrieved from 

    The maps at this site show the potential for ground motion due to an earthquake.

  • Smithsonian Institute. (2015). Smithsonian/USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity Report. Retrieved from 

    This Smithsonian Institute/USGS site provides ongoing weekly reports of volcanic activity around the world.

The following websites provide information and animations that will help you better understand some of this week’s general concepts.


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