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Scott wants to purchase a Toyota Rav4 XLE.  The model he wants is available for $26,789.  Scott has saved $4,000 for a down payment, and the dealer has offered $3,500 for his tradein.  He is considering three financing options.
 Toyota’s financial department is offering 0% interest for three years.
 Scott’s credit union is offering 1.98% compounded monthly for four years.
 His bank is offering 2.97% compounded monthly for five years.
Your assignment:
a)  What would Scott’s monthly loan payment be for each option?
b)  What total amount of interest would Scott pay for each option?

(c) Describe the advantages and disadvantages of each financing option.  If you were Scott, which of these three financing options would you use and why?

  • February 24, 2018
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