Research a photographer.

  • Choose one (1) photographer from the following list:
    • Edward Weston
    • Julia Margaret Cameron
    • Gordon Parks
    • Dorothea Lange
    • Jerry Uelsmann
    • Cindy Sherman
    • Ansel Adams
    • Carrie Mae Weems
  • Use the textbook, intellipath material, the Internet, and the Unit Resources for help.

Choose a Photograph.

  • Choose ONE (1) photograph created by the photographer you selected from the list above.  
  • Paste the image directly into the Discussion Board window.
  • Include the name of the artist or designer, the title of the art work, and the year it was created.  
  • Click here for help on How to Post Photos to the Discussion Board. 

Discuss Your Choice by responding to the following:

  • Why did you choose this photographer? 
  • Explain any personal associations, feelings, or experiences that relate to the selected image.
  • After researching the purposes and functions of art as outlined in the textbook explain at least ONE (1) of the purposes and ONE (1) of the functions of the artist’s work. (See intellipath, MUSE, and the text for more information about the purposes and functions of art.) 

Part 2

Create Your Own Photograph.

  • Inspired by the photographic images created by the selected artist, create a similar photograph of your own using your phone, a camera, or any other photographic device. 
  • Paste your created photograph directly into the Discussion Board window. Do not post as an attachment.
  • Explain how your photograph is similar and/or different in subject matter and meaning when compared to the photograph you selected in Part 1 of this assignment.
  • What personal connections did you make with the photographer/artist that you chose?
  • Click here for help on How to Post Photos to the Discussion Board.

Respond to 2 classmates with substantive posts. You will be graded on the quality of your postings.

In your own words, please post a response to the Discussion Board and comment on other postings. You will be graded on the quality of your postings.

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials. Please refer to the following multimedia course material(s):

  • Unit 1: World of Art: Functions & Evaluations
  • Unit 1: Referencing Art and Times
  • Unit 1: What is Art?

Grading Rubric

Purpose of Assignment and Content Development

Demonstrates an outstanding use of appropriate, relevant, and compelling content with excellent expression of topic, main idea, and purpose.

Demonstrates exemplary knowledge or analysis of human perspectives appropriate to the assignment’s purpose and context.

Graphics accurately reflect the assignment requirements.


Critical Thinking

Demonstrates outstanding or exemplary ability to analyze assumptions and evaluate evidence, complexities of issues, and alternatives. Where required, demonstrates outstanding or exemplary ability to use creativity and originality in problem-solving.


Organization, Grammar and Presentation (including Information and Visual Literacy)

Organization is clear.

Language clearly and effectively communicates ideas and content relevant to the assignment.

Presentation and delivery are confident and persuasive (where applicable).

Audience, style, tone and perspective are consistent and appropriate to assignment.

Few if any errors in grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.

Demonstrates outstanding selection and use of high quality, credible, and relevant sources to develop ideas that are appropriate to the assignment.

Sources are consistently cited according to required style sheet (e.g., APA), with no errors beyond punctuation. Manuscript style is completely correct, according to style sheet guidelines.


Interactive Participation

Demonstrate active interaction and participation throughout the week and substantive responses to at least 2 posts in addition to posting the DB assignment post.



Let me know if you are able to complete this assignment?  If you post a photo I will find a way to upload it into the discussion.

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