Art Appreciation Essay (Catherine Owens ONLY)

No preference for the sculpture. Can be found on the internet as well. Below are the instructions for the essay:


For this essay, you will take a photograph of a sculpture in your community. If you are unable to photograph a local sculpture, please locate one of interest using the Internet. Please provide the title, author, and location of the sculpture. 
If you took a photograph of a local sculpture, please paste the image in a Word document along with your written essay. If selecting a sculpture from the Internet, please provide the APA citation and reference of that sculpture. 
Respond to the following questions in your essay: 
Why is the sculpture there? 

What (or whom) does it represent? 

What was the source of the funding for the sculpture placement? 

How do people feel about the work and where it is located? 
Include outside research as part of your explanation. Your research can include local newspapers, brochures, or any other sources you feel appropriate. 
Your essay must be at least two pages in length. All sources used, including the textbook, must be cited and referenced.

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