Art appretiation DUE TONIGHT 8pm ****Justin Bright ****

Explore the art and life of Abstract Expressionist painter, Jackson Pollock.  Read pages 134-135 (6th ed.), or 144-145 (7th ed.), Jackson Pollock’s No. 29, 1950.  Visit the website posted in the lecture in Module 2, Chapter 7, (Links to an external site.), as part of your research. Also view the youtube excerpt from the Hans Namuth film: 

Link (Links to an external site.) 
After your research, complete all three tasks (#1-3):

1.  Select a Jackson Pollock painting from the web resource above, attaching an image of it to share with the class.  You can also click on the “embed image” icon from the reply box to upload and add the image to your post.  Be sure to include the title, medium/materials, and date of the work.

2.  Identify and analyze at least three dynamic visual elements of design from chapters/lectures 4-7 that are dominant in the selected Pollock work, such as: line, color, space, texture, motion, etc.  When we analyze a visual element, we are identifying the specific type of line, shape, space, texture, color scheme, etc., and describing how it functions in the composition; what visual effect it produces. Use the correct visual terminology, applying it in your analysis of the selected painting (#1).

3.  Discuss aspects of Pollock’s life or philosophy of painting that seem to be reflected in his painting style, or process.  Be sure to view the film clip, website, chapter readings and lecture. 

This is a two paragraph response.  I highly encourage students to cite research utilized within your essay (practice using MLA – see course homepage info).  Feel free to share any additional web resources or media content you discover with the class.  As always, intelligent debate and differences of opinion are encouraged.

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