ASAP Salution – Job costs & Process costs


1. Job Order Costing vs Process Costing (5: 59


2. Job Order Costing (4:25)


3. Process Costing (12:15)


4.Cost Per Equivalent Unit (weighted average method) (12:20)


5.Cost Per Equivalent Unit FIFO Method (7:53)


6.Cost Per Equivalent Unit– FIFO Method vs. Weighted-average Method (8:35)


7.Cost Per Equivalent Unit, FIFO Method, Part 2 (Applying Costs) (6:47)






After watching the videos, please answer the following questions one paragraph for each question:


1. How might you apply direct labor costs under Job Order versus Process Costing?


2.Under the 2 methods of Process Costing, why is the FIFO method considered superior to the Weighted Average method?


3. Is it possible to monitor cost “trends” using the Weighted Average method?




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