ASHFORD ABS 200 Week 2 Critical Thinking Evidence Based Practice (EBP) (PIE)

Critical Thinking: Evidence Based Practice (EBP) and “Person-In-Environment” (PIE). In a 3 to 4 page paper:

  •  Review Critical thinking, as described in the text.


  •  What does it have to do with science?
  •  Review the articles about Evidence-based practice and the Person-In-Environment Perspective and Classification system.
  •  What is EBP (Evidence-Based Practice)?


  •  How does EBP view the Person-in-Environment perspective?


  • Discuss the background of the PIE classification/perspective and the individual/environment dichotomy. (Is it either intrinsic/or extrinsic, or both that impact an individual?)


  • Consider the differences between PIE as a lens through which to view an individual, and the use of the PIE classification system. What are the advantages of viewing people from this lens?


  • Using critical thinking, describe the value, merits or strengths of this classification system as well as any drawbacks or negatives you may notice.
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