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Read CASE STUDY 5.1 (attached)
Applying the User Experience Framework to Online Fundraising
(NO need to read the second case about clothes shopping)
Write a short summary of the case (one paragraph) and then answer the following
Why is there a need to focus on user interaction and enhance the user experience when it comes to online fundraising?
Other than fundraising for non-profits, what other sites would benefit by focusing on enhancing the user experience? Why?
According to this case
Wright and McCarthy?s (2003) user experience framework recognizes that all human experiences are holistic and relational, and are comprised of a balance of sensual, cerebral, and emotional ??threads.?? The user experience framework is built on the goal of sense-making: that is, unifying the different threads of a situation, in this case, an online experience, to create meaning for the user. The full framework includes four threads (compositional, sensual, emotional and spatio-temporal) and six corresponding sense-making elements (anticipating, connecting, interpreting, reflecting, appropriating and recounting).
Select your favorite non-profit and visit their website.
What evidence can you find of the ?user experience framework? as described above and detailed in the case?
Does the site ?Create meaning? for you?
Does it follow the design concepts outlined in the case?
Please provide complete answers! Double check your spelling/grammar. Be sure to cite any references.

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