Assignment 1: Culture and Marketing Strategy-









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  2. Assignment 1: Culture and Marketing Strategy
    Due Week 4 and worth 100 points
  3. Locate a print advertisement for a consumer business or product that is not nationally recognized. (Note: the advertisement can be a social media print advertisement, but the product or business cannot be known nationally, meaning it cannot be purchased in all parts of the nation, just in the local area.)
  4. Write a three to four (3-4) page paper in which you:
  5. 1. Describe the chosen advertisement, content on the advertisement, text, pictures, length of advertisement; explain where you located the advertisement, why you selected the advertisement, what caught your eye, and anything else that describes the advertisement.
  6. 2. Analyze the underlying assumptions that the authors of the ad seem to make about the consumers that this advertisement targets. Determine how the ad is using these perceived assumptions to evoke a consumer response.
  7. 3. Determine at least one (1) consumer group that the ad excludes, and provide a rationale for why the ad would not appeal to the group(s) that you have identified.
  8. 4. Evaluate this advertisement and its relationship with cultural values (i.e., determine if the ad is designed to emphasize a set of values or if it is designed to change a cultural value in society).
  9. 5. Use at least three (3) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources.
  10. Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:
  11. Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.

  • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

  1. Your Assignment must be saved as:
  2. Save the Assignment as Last Name_First Name_Week4_Assignment1
  3. For Example: Doe_John_Week4_Assignment 1
  4. The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:
  5. Formulate marketing strategy and actions that influence the consumer decision process for targeted market segments and foster customer satisfaction.
  6. · Incorporate the impact of culture and other key factors on consumer behavior in developing a cross-cultural marketing strategy.
  7. · Use technology and information resources to research issues in consumer behavior.
  8. Write clearly and concisely about consumer behavior using proper writing mechanics.
  9. Grading for this assignment will be based on answer quality, logic / organization of the paper, and language and writing skills, using the following rubric.
  10. Click here to view the grading rubric for this assignment.
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