For this module’s assignment we will focus on the integration of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. To continue our travel project theme, we will first create a PivotTable to provide us with the travelers that have a balance due greater than or equal to $2000. Then, we will create a memo to show the management team our results.

Part 1: Adding Formulas and Creating the Pivot Table

Open the Module 11 Data file linked below and follow these steps (click the Enable Editing button, if necessary):

Module 11 Data File

  1. Add your name and your travel destination.
  2. Add first and last names for all travelers.
  3. Create formulas for theTotalandAmount Duecolumns. (The information is given on the sheet).
  4. Create a pivot table for the information.
  5. Filter the pivot table to show only those travelers with a balance of 2000 or more. HINT: you should have four (4) travelers after you filter.
  6. Save the Excel document using the naming convention given at the end of this assignment.

Part 2: Integrating the Pivot Table into a Word Memo

Using the??Professional Design Memo template in Microsoft Word, create a memo to your employer which provides them with the travelers that have a balance due greater than or equal to $2000. In doing so, be sure to address the following requirements:

  1. Open a new Word document. In the search box, run a search for the Professional Design Memo Template.
  2. Update the Company Name to International Travel Company.
  3. Update the values in the To, CC, From, and Date fields.
  4. Update the Re: to be Statistics from Recent Balance Due Inquiry
  5. The title of your template should be Travelers with >=$2000 Balance Due
  6. In the body of the memo, include a short explanation of the details that you are providing to your employer.
  7. Integrate the PivotTable you created in part 1 into the Memo as an Excel object. (donotcreate a link).HINT: when you double click the pivot table, you should get a mini copy of Excel.
  8. Save the Word document using the naming convention given below.
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