In a well thought-out post of 500 words or more (in your own words), please answer the following. Please use the proper APA citation process for referencing:??


  1. ????????????????With an ever-growing and changing demographics among our population, what are some trends you have noticed in recent years as it relates to marketing? Please provide an example.
  2. ????????????????What recommendations do YOU have for marketing firms, so they can enhance their effective marketing strategies in the future? How does a changing demographic landscape influence the filed of marketing altogether?
  3. ????????????????Look up Hofstede???s Theory on Cultural Dimensions. What are those cultural dimensions, and how might these dimensions influence marketing?
  4. ????????????????Using the library???s database or a journal database online (such as Google Scholar), find one marketing-related article that touches on the primary and/or secondary aspects of diversity. What is the main conclusion of the study?
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