Open Sources: (i.e. Credible Websites, Yahoo, Goggle,??InfoTrac,??LexisNexis, EBSCO,??InfoPlease.comNote:An organization is only as strong as the employees who drive the organization. Leaders, managers, staff, and support teams are the ???life blood??? of the organization. Without these people, an organization or business is nothing more than an idea. It is the people that make it a ???living??? business. Write a three (4) page paper (double spaced) discussing the factors which enhance job recruitment and career development, you will start by examining your own career. Your paper must include the following:

  1. Describe the methods that you would use to recruit and retain employees.
  2. Discuss how training, professional development, compensation, and benefits help to retain employees.
  3. Identify the specific criteria you, as an employer, would consider in a candidate.
  4. Provide specific reasons why you used these criteria.
  5. Indicate the potential sources or places you would conduct your recruiting and why you aimed your search in these areas.

Cite any outside sources using APA formatting guidelines.

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