Write a 2-3 page paper (excluding title, abstract, introduction, and references) describing the concepts of the Information Systems Delivery Cycle (SDLC) and how the Project Management Life Cycle can be effectively leveraged to deliver IT projects meeting time, cost, and schedule. Integrate and synthesize concepts from the readings, or other credible sources researched (no Wikipedia please), throughout the paper, as appropriate. Identify how these concepts have been applied, or may apply, within a specific project – either through personal experience or as researched. For optimal scoring, please ensure that at least two (2) sources are cited. Use APA formatting and include a list of references used. 

A suggested outline for this assignment is:
· Title page
· IT SDLC Overview
· PM Life-Cycle Overview
· Synthesis of IT SDLC and PM Life-Cycle
· Real-Life IT Project Application
· Conclusion
· References

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