In this assignment, you will compare and contrast the ethical behavior models to determine which one works better for a particular situation.

Write a three- to four-page APA paper using at least three different ethical models to determine what “you” would do in the following situations (select one). Make sure you reference the ethical frameworks to support your decisions, comparing and contrasting them as applied to the specific situations below.

3 ethical models: Utilitarianism, Virtue Ethics, Deontology

You are the director of accounting for a company. You have been tasked to prepare the documentation to close the facility. You are bound by secrecy. A long-time employee of your department comes into your office and asks you about a personal situation. He is the sole source of income for his family. One of his children has a severe disability. He indicates that he has heard grumbling that the company is shutting down the facility and he is wondering if he should be concerned and start looking for another position with a different company. What should you tell him? What model are you using to make that determination? Why are you using that model? (Compare the model you have selected with at least two other models.)

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