As the medical staff administrative assistant at a hospital,??write a??progress report??(Memo format) to the director of the hospital outlining the current status of the annual reappointment of committees, Use the following facts to write the report.??


  • A total of ten committees must be staffed.
  • The chief of staff has telephone each person selected to chair a committee, and you have sent each of them a follow-up e-mail of thanks from the chief.
  • You have written e-mails to all physicians who are currently on committees but are not being reappointed, informing them of the fact.
  • You have written e-mails to all physicians being asked to serve on committees.
  • You expect to receive e-mail replies from those physicians declining the appointment by the 15th of the following month.
  • Once committee assignments have been completed, you will create the membership lists of all committees and e-mail them to the complete medical staff.
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