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  • Please??pick??question??among??the??eight??below??
  • 1 What??is??the??integration-responsiveness??framework??(i.e.,??IR??framework)???In??a??short??essay,??describe??the??two??main??components??of??the??framework,??and??discuss??how??it??is??related??to??four??types??of??global??corporate-level??strategy.
  • 2 Discuss the evolution of strategy. Specifically, discuss why MNCs should revise and change their global strategy continuously. Then discuss the general pattern of global strategy evolution. (If necessary, use the case of Coca-Cola???s global strategy evolution to support your answer.)
  • ??3 ????Although many MNCs become internationalized through establishing joint ventures, it is well known that about half of them fail within the first 5 years of operations. As a soon-to-be manager of a successful MNC, how can you prevent their failure and successfully manage them? Be sure to provide your answer on (1) partner selection, (2) alliance structure, and (3) effective management.

    4??How should MNCs choose the product line to launch it into the global market? In a short essay, describe two factors that MNCs should consider for making the choice, and discuss how it is related to the internationalization process of the MNCs. (Hint: You may want to check the article titled ??? Managing Global Expansion??? as well as the Uppsala model of internationalization process for this question.)

    5 ??Earlier, an economic theorist Milton Friedman stated that a company’s only responsibility is to increase its profit as long as it stays within open and free competition without deception or fraud (i.e., Friedman doctrine). Why is this statement controversial? Specifically, on what grounds can you criticize this statement?

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