Four Questions, 250 words each, please provide proper sources for each answer:

  • 1. Corporate Social Responsibiilty
    • ??- Identify a recent example of a company that is attempting to ???do well while doing good???
    • ??-??Identify a recent example of a company that has cut corners and done damage while doing well financially
    • ??-??Compare and contrast each company???s CSR report
    • ??- Identify stakeholders impacted by CSR policies
    • ??- Discuss the impact of their respective choices on the company image.
  • 2. ??Locate an article that discusses whistleblowing.?? Discuss the situation that led to an employee blowing the whistle on the organization.?? Should employees have freedom of conscience? Why or why not??? Considering long-term effects on employees of blowing the whistle.?? When should they engage in whistleblowing tactics??? Identify some reasons why external whistleblowing occurs.
    • 3. Use a reliable source to locate an article about an organization that addresses an issue associated with ethics.
    • ??- Choose the ethics theory most applicable to the issue in the article you choose.
    • ??- Review possible ethics documents on the company???s website.?? Identify current policy statements and describe the current environment created by these policies.
    • ??- Indicate whether or not the company has a clear ethical program or not
    • ??- Identify at least two areas for improvement to create a strong ethical culture.
  • 4. Global Impact of Organizational Ethics
    • ??- Use a reliable source to locate an article that addresses a contemporary ethics issue and highlights the global component.
    • ??-??Create an ethical and moral framework using the ethics theories.
    • ??- Hint: This framework should provide you with a way to evaluate the ethics issues and deal with the complexity
    • ??- Apply the created framework to the contemporary ethics issue, addressing the global component within the analysis.
    • ??- Describe how the application of your framework helps you to address the issue.
    • ??- Describe how the systematic application of the framework helps you effectively and ethically deal with the complexity of the global component.??
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