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Capstone Project: Phase 2: Describing the Aggregate


Submit a document describing your approved aggregate in detail.


In Phase 2 of the project, research and describe the demographics and statistics of your aggregate. Include information about the basic vital statistics of the aggregate such as the crude birth rate, infant mortality rate, life expectancy, the leading causes of death, and any other relevant statistical information related to the health of the aggregate. In addition, explain how the local clinic meets, supports, and advocates for evidence-based practice (EBP). As a part of this assignment, you will need to create a questionnaire and interview at least one healthcare provider who is familiar with your selected aggregate.



One of the most effective ways to obtain this information is to interview people who are familiar with and have worked with the selected aggregate, such as biostatisticians or other social and healthcare providers of the aggregate.

A well-planned questionnaire with carefully developed questions can help you elicit adequate and relevant information from the interviewees.

Your response should be in the form of a 2- to 3-page Microsoft Word document. Use relevant charts and graphs to support the information you collected. Identify the sources of your information and describe how you went about collecting the information.


Cite all sources in APA format.


Phase 2: Describing the Aggregate


Assignment 2 Grading Criteria????????????

1.?????????? Selected and described an aggregate.


2.?????????? Utilized and explained MAP-IT in the assessment process.


3.?????????? Explained how the local clinic meets, supports, and advocates for EBP.??????


4.?????????? Included demographic and statistical information of the selected aggregate.??????????????


5.?????????? Presented information obtained from interview of people who are familiar with the selected aggregate.????


6.?????????? Developed a well-planned questionnaire for obtaining information from interviewee pertaining to the aggregate.????????????


7.?????????? Cited at least two journal articles as references for ideas in your work.??????????????



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