Of the profitability ratios listed in Chapter 8 of the text:

DuPont ratio

Operating Income Margin

Operating Asset Turnover

Return on Operating Assets

Return On Investment

Return on Total equity

Return on Common equity

Gross Profit Margin

Doesnt have to be all of them just enough to illustrate the profit picture of the company

  1. Choose the ratios that best illustrate the profit picture of your company and its operations.
  2. For each ratio, note the reason for its inclusion into your analysis. (At minimum include the DuPont ROA.)
  3. Show the calculations AND the ratio. (Submission in Excel is recommended.)
  4. Write a summary paragraph that outlines the findings evident from the ratios and notes any particular adjustments made in the calculations of the ratios that is material to the analysis.

You may use SEC, 10-K filings, annual reports, corporate web sites, Thomson financial web sites or any other publicly available sources appropriate to the purpose of the materials.

This should be done on International Game Technology (IGT)

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