Topic 1


Seasoned nurse educators possess wisdom about teaching (a kind of “with-it-ness”), which they have developed through practical experience over the years. As a person new to nursing education, you have a great deal to learn from a seasoned mentor. In order to gain access to that knowledge, you will conduct an interview with an experienced nurse educator either in a hospital or college setting. Your interview may be conducted face-to-face, online, or by telephone.


For this assignment, you are to:


Generate a list of questions you will ask during the interview such as teaching strategies, theories, technology, and evaluation techniques.


Conduct the interview.

-Your discussion post should include:

-The setting.

-How the interview was conducted.

-The questions asked and the responses given.


-Anything else you think to be important.


Citations should conform to APA guidelines.
Click the APA icon to refer to the APA style format.

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