For these weekly/chapter assignments, I want you to read the piece, “Ending Endless War.” What I have done for you is highlight and make notes on the first three pages of the article so you can get a sense of “how to read/understand” a piece in Foreign Affairs. Read the entire article and answer the following questions:


1. What was the US defense strategy during the Cold War period, according to the article? (10 points)

2. When did a change in national thinking on defense occur and why? (10 points)

3. Explain how a new US defense strategy could create a security dilemma. (10 points)

4. What does the word chisel symbolize in the authors writing? (5 points)

5. What future problems in foreign relations does the author predict? (5 points)

6. What is the author’s argument along with his guidelines? (30 points)

7. What was once the civil-military relationship in America? (5 points)

8. Why does the author argue that we should return to a greater engagement of the American people in war? (25 points)

9. What suggestions does the author make that indicate others should no longer free ride? (10 points)

10. Does the author make a compelling or reasonable argument? Why or why not? (10 points)

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