Explore the website of the Child Protective Service agency for your state. Find articles on CPS from your state that discuss organizational issues or dysfunctions regarding the agency at a macro level. This assignment examines the functions and dysfunctions of organizational structure. Based on instructor feedback, use Topic 6: Macro Level Social Work: Child Protective Services and Bureaucracy Outline Worksheet (attached) to complete an 800-1,000-word synthesis and analysis of CPS based on the following: 

  1. How does Weber’s theory relative to organizational structure, division of labor, and roles apply to CPS?
  2. Discuss the organizational development of CPS from a systems theory perspective.
  3. What are your recommendations for improving the CPS system at a macro level?

Use the examples from your local or state articles on CPS to support concepts from each of the organizational theories. Include at least three additional references on CPS as an organizational bureaucracy (macro level not micro level).

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