Research and describe five leadership theories. (Tip: check out for a list of leadership theories. This website is NOT an academic source so cannot be used in this paper, but it can help you find ideas which you will then research in the NAU library. Do not use a category of theories like behavioral theories)

  1. For each theory, identify and explain which traits are exemplified  
  2. Provide a scenario that shows each theory in use
  3. Select one leadership theory that you believe would be most effective in an organization of your choice (this can be a company, a government agency, a non-profit, etc.). Why would this theory be the best fit for this organization? How would it promote communication?

Use at least six (6) scholarly or professional sources to support your position in addition to the sources provided in this learning plan.  You must use all of the sources. Do not use the textbook as a primary source.  Write in an academic voice and use your critical thinking skills. Your final submission will be 800-1200 words. Your citation must be in APA. Your reference page must be completed as an Annotated Bibliography.


Your content should be paraphrased on this one (no quotes). For this assignment

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