1. ABC Corp. has a popular product used by weekend athletes. When used properly, the product is safe. When used improperly, the product can cause significant harm to the user. Because the product is complex, users often use it incorrectly and are hurt. This cannot be resolved due to the design and nature of the product. Does ABC Corp. have a responsibility to remove this product from the market? What conflict would arise if the firm did remove the product?


2. Johnny’s Furniture House has a contract with Ted’s Upholstery to purchase 1000 recliners.

1) Johnny’s Furniture House files a suit in a state court against Ted’s Upholstery, alleging breach of contract on the sale.

2) During the course of the suit, Johnny’s files a motion for judgment on the pleadings

3) Ted’s files a motion for a directed verdict

4) Both parties file motions for summary judgment.

Discuss when and for what pur¬pose each of these motions would be made.


3. US National Robotics LLC is preparing to sell a new product that they believe will be very profitable as it is based on over 5 years of research and development and a $7 million investment. One month before their product’s launch, it is discovered that a rival company, International Robotics SA, has been manufacturing and will begin to sell a nearly identical product within the week. US National learns from a reliable source that International paid a US National employee to obtain the plans for US National’s product while it was in development. Analyze the legal re¬course US National would have against International.


4. is under attack. This web-based attack is significantly slowing the site, leading to over $50 million in damage in terms of lost revenue, lost work time and site repair. The unknown attacker or group is unable to profit from the attacks. Explain how this attack was most likely orchestrated. Explain who is most likely to engage in this act, that is, whose habits and limitations are clearly suited to such conduct and why?

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