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Audit Control

Audit Project Control
Compare and contrast an IT Audit project with other projects which might be found in an IT department. Describe two (2) challenges that are unique to IT Audit projects. Suggest an approach to mitigate each challenge you selected.
• Based on the challenges identified, describe the controls that the project manager would need to implement in order to overcome potential project control issues.

Automated Auditing
• CAATTs can be helpful when dealing with immense amounts of data. However, developing a CAATT system can be time consuming. Argue for or against the use of CAATT systems.
• Identify the key elements of building an effective CAATT system. Elaborate on two (2) challenges faced when designing an effective CAATT system, and suggest possible solutions to these problems.

“Identity and Access Management
• Analyze the identity and access management approach that organizations need to implement to effectively control access to their systems. Explain how the identity and access management approach would be influenced by the type of organization and its size.
• For a small- to medium-sized business concerned about IT budget, determine the identity and access management practices you would recommend. In contrast, for a large organization that is extremely concerned about protecting corporate information assets, determine the identity and access management practices you would recommend. Provide a rationale for your responses.


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