Bioethics Issue

please read caffullay and follow the instruction

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I want minimum 3 pages


Choose a topic related to any area of

bioethics study and write a paper.

Identify the issue you are examining

and discuss any and all relevant

considerations to the individual

and society. APA format with a

minimum of 3 references included


I will give you sometopics and you chose one of them.


make sure to incloud references.


Possible Bioethics Topics


?????????????????? Organ Transplantation: Which of several matched donors should receive a particular organ?

?????????????????? Reproductive Technologies: In vitro fertilization, Surrogacy,Mifepristone (RU-486)

and Misoprostol, pre-implantation embryo screening, cloning. Is there a significant difference between cloning sheep for pharmaceutical production and cloning humans?

?????????????????? Human Genome Project: Should employers be able to screen job applicants for specific genetic conditions? Who should have access to this information: family members, lawyers, insurance agencies?

?????????????????? Gene therapy: What are the potential ramifications of somatic and germ-line gene therapy?

?????????????????? Fetal Tissue Transplantation: Does a fetus have rights? If so, what are they and who is responsible for representing the interests of the fetus?

?????????????????? AIDS: issues involving disclosure, privacy, discrimination, insurance coverage.

?????????????????? Euthanasia: What is the right to die? How does withdrawing or withholding treatment differ from physician assisted suicide?

?????????????????? Health Care Allocation: How do we decide who gets access to health care, especially when expensive equipment and therapies are needed?

?????????????????? Refusal of Services by Providers: There is a growing movement in this country by Pharmacists and Physicians to refuse services based on moral conscious positions. When does this jeopardize and compromise their ability to serve their patients?