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You’ve just learned how to take DNA and make RNA. And how to take RNA to make proteins … Your lessons this week do not include biotechnology, however with the information you have learned,?? you can imagine the possibilities all this info puts before researchers.

Many have been making great use of this information in an attempt to provide us with higher quality food. To do this, they must manipulate the genes.??

As a result of genetic modification, some plants can produce toxins that kill insect pests, some are made more resistant to herbicides, some are made to look better, taste better … hmmm…… then we eat it ….. take a look at this situation:

Lunardi’s Market put out a bin of tomatoes having splendid vine-ripened redness, flavor and texture. The sign posted above the bin identified them as genetically engineered produce. Most shoppers selected unmodified tomatoes in the adjacent bin even though those tomatoes were pale pink, mealy-textured, and tasteless.

Which ones would you pick??? Why??? Do state your ‘gut’ reaction BUT for full credit consideration, you must then use what you’ve learned to explain your concern, or lack thereof.?? Has your initial reaction changed, or become confirmed??? Provide a reference to support your reaction.

Genetic modification is a concern in the general public. Is this concern warranted??? Why or why not?


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