BSOP 429 Production Activity Control Week 3 Complete Devry

BSOP 429 Production Activity Control and Just-in-time


Week 3


Week 3 DQ 1?? (Types of Constraints )

As far as PAC is concerned, what is a constraint? Why is it important to be able to identify a constraint in the first place? What are the specific steps to managing constraints as outlined in the textbook and lecture?


Week 3 DQ 2?? (Lab 2 Discussion)

What should the first step be in our Week 3 Lab Assignment? Why? What would the next step be? the very first statement of the lab states that Maruchek’s orders average 100 pieces per order. What does that mean for your lab?


Week 3 Assignments:

BSOP 429 Week 3 Lab 2 of 6; Lab Scheduling

BSOP 429 Week 3 Written Assignment