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BSOP 429 Production Activity Control Week 4 and Midterm Exam Devry

BSOP 429 Production Activity Control and Just-in-time??


Week 4

Week 4 DQ 1?? (PAC Feedback )

Select one of the types of feedback that should be provided by PAC and discuss why it is important to have. Are other types of feedback less important? Why would you think so? Of the two types of feedback from PAC, do you think one is more important than the other? And why do you say so?


Week 4 DQ 2 (Lab 3 Discussion )

What should the first step be in our Week 4 Lab Assignment? Why? What should be the next step? are there any pitfalls we should avoid when calculating our front load schedule lab? So, are there any pitfalls that we should avoid when we’re building this week’s front load schedule?


Week 4 Assignments:

BSOP 429 Week 4 Lab 3 of 6; Scheduling, Reporting and Feedback

BSOP 429 Week 4 Written Assignment


Week 4 Midterm Exam Set 1

Page 1

  1. (TCO 12)??_____ is the objective under JIT and time-based competition. (Points : 5)
  2. (TCO 2)??Which of the following lead-time elements can be compressed into one well-designed PAC system? (Points : 5)
  3. (TCO 3)??What happens to inventory as the number of kanban cards increases? (Points : 5)
  4. (TCO 1)??In managing supplier relations, which of the following is a beneficial setup? (Points : 5)
  5. (TCO 6)??When linking marketing requirements and manufacturing strategy, what design approaches for shop floor system should be considered? (Points : 5)
  6. (TCO 9)??Which of the following is true? (Points : 5)
  7. (TCO 4)??According to Elyahu Goldratt, the TOC system uses a scheduling approach called _____. (Points : 5)
  8. (TCO 5)??The amount of time covered by the basic MRP record is called the _____. (Points : 5)

Page 2

  1. (TCO 1)??Please explain PAC. (Points : 20)
  2. (TCO 2)??How does input from other areas into PAC and the feedback PAC provides impact PAC? Explain. (Points : 20)
  3. (TCO 6)??Discuss the differences between MRP and JIT. (Points : 20)

Set 2

Multiple Choice

  1. (TCO 12)??Formal systems for shop floor control under JIT are _____.
  2. (TCO 2)??An operation setback chart _____.
  3. (TCO 3)??In order to minimize the number of orders waiting in the queue and maximize the number of orders processed in a center, which of the following rules should be used?
  4. (TCO 1)??Which of the following is true?
  5. (TCO 6)??When linking marketing requirements and manufacturing strategy, what design approaches for shop floor system should be considered?
  6. (TCO 9)??Which of the following is true?
  7. (TCO 4)??How much of total lead time is accounted for by queue time?
  8. (TCO 5)??Gross requirements in an MRP record are _____ because they are stated as unique items for a given period.

Essay Type

  1. (TCO 1)??List and briefly discuss the five main parts of the operations planning control (OPC) system.
  2. (TCO 2)??What information should be provided into PAC as feedback and why they are important?
  3. (TCO 6)??Compare and contrast JIT and MRP.

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