Business Writing Assignment

Four-six page (minimum 1,750 words) report memo in which you analyze information about conducting business in a foreign country.

As your CEO of UHCL, Inc., I am interested in doing business in a foreign country of your choice. I plan to visit this country next month, but I want to be well prepared and knowledgeable about the country’s business culture.


For this assignment, choose a country in which you are most interested, and then research the culture and summarize what a U.S. female manager would need to know to conduct business successfully in that country. Consider the various dimensions of culture and business practices. For example, is the country a high or low context culture? On what do you base your conclusion? Are there ethics issues that I need to be aware of?



Since this is a solicited routine message, you should follow the direct order. The report will include the following sections:


  1. Introduction: (to include problem, purpose, scope, sources and methods, conclusion). This should be no more than one-half page.
  • Introduce the report itself. Explain the problem that has led you to write this report (see “Context”). What is your purpose in writing this report? What sources and methods did you use? What is the scope of this report (see “Context” or “Data Analysis”)? What is the main conclusion you are supporting with this report?
  1. Data Analysis

Here is where you provide your information and analyze its relationship to your report problem. Who is your reader and what does she need to know?

  1. Summary/Conclusions/Recommendations
  • Summary: Briefly recap the major ideas. One way to do this is to review the major headings in your paper.
  • Conclusions: A conclusion is a major part of analysis problem. It is the logical interpretation of the information. It answers the question “What does all this mean?” Based on the information you have presented in the data section, what can you conclude about conducting business in the country you have chosen?
  • Recommendations: As a result of your information and conclusions, what would you suggest for future? What should the reader do next? What should the reader not do?


  1. References: You are to use information from 4-6 credible sources (not Wikipedia et al). Using APA documentation style, create a References page. Here you will list all sources used in the body of your paper. You must cite your sources correctly (both internally and on your Reference page.






Use APA documentation style for secondary sources. This includes (1) internal citations for all material and (2) complete bibliographic citations for your list of sources. 

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