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BUSN 258 Customer Relations Week 5 DQ,Assignment,Youdecide Devry

BUSN 258 Week 5 Discussions ,Assignment and Youdecide


Week 5 DQ 1: Customer Feedback and Recovery

Customer Feedback (Graded)

Have you had any experience receiving feedback? Was it a good experience? What made it a positive or negative experience? In customer relations feedback is inevitable. How are you going to react to negative feedback? What would be your first reaction? Why?


Week 5: Customer Feedback and Recovery

Customer Recovery (Graded)

There are a group of customers who go from one company to another. They are hard to please. Should we bother? Would we be better off trying to please our loyal customers rather than chase unhappy ex-customers? Which way do you lean? Why?


Week 5 Assignments:

  • How can organizations become more open to feedback? What kinds of employee training would help? What would you tell your employees about feedback importance if you were the boss?
  • BUSN 258 Week 5 You Decide: Scenario Analysis – Customer Relations

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