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Upon graduation, students should plan on encountering some (or all) of the following contemporary hardware trends with respect to the business/work technical environment when entering the workforce: netbooks, grid computing, cloud computing,virtualization, and multicore processors. All of these technologies are designed to help businesses reduce their IT overhead costs while making their hardware more efficient.  In particular, cloud computing has become a hot trend in the business world because it offers small and medium-size businesses access to computing capacity they otherwise would not be able to afford. Today many of these trends are possible because of the proliferation of networking/telecommunications platforms and the Internet.

Although the advantages of cloud computing may seem overwhelming because the technology allows users to access programs and data from virtually anywhere, for many large businesses it can create problems based on security risks and the transfer of IT responsibilities to third parties. With these shifts, the concept of “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) via employee and customer ownership, leveraging of personal technology (i.e., Smart Phones, Tablets, and web enabled kiosks/portals) is fast becoming the reality. You are challenged to review several of the attached documents, conduct additional online discovery of material on the topic, and answer the following question:


What are the demands and challenges associated with considering a Mobile Data Management (MDM) system and does it drive down BYOD risks?

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