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CAM Practitioner Research Project

Final Project Part II: Summary Update
Course outcome addressed in this Project:
??? HW310-2: Compare major concepts, theoretical approaches and methodologies of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) professions.
By the end of Unit 6 you will submit the second part of your Final Project.?? You will be required to submit a 1-page summary-update on how the CAM Practitioner Research Project is going. Be sure to include a description of when you have met with your CAM practitioner and how the meeting(s) went. If you have not met with them yet discuss what your plans are to do so. Be sure to prepare ahead of time a list of questions/topics that you want to discuss and include them in this assignment.?? Finally, compare some of the major concepts and theoretical approaches of the CAM practice to another CAM practice of your choice.??
Include appropriate references and follow the guidelines of APA formatting. For APA guidelines, refer to the following sections in the Kaplan Writing Center:
??? An Introduction to APA Citation ??? Sample APA Citations ??? APA Manuscript Style
??? 1 -page summary discussing your progress with your CAM Practitioner research ??? Include list of questions/topics you want to discuss with them ??? Compare some of the major concepts and theoretical approaches of the CAM practice to another CAM practice of your choice. ??? Include appropriate references and follow APA formatting guidelines

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