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College Writing II Critical Review Assignment Summer Semester 2017



You are going to write a critique of a 3 page academic article of your choice.  You will find the article in the library and read the article carefully. You must find a research article that contains a literature review, methodology, results, discussion/conclusion and references.


Your Critical Review Essay Must include:

·             A research style article that is 5 pages long and must be written in the structure of a scholarly article (attach article to essay draft)

·             Summary of the article

·             Analysis of the article

·             3 pages in length

·             Support of analysis from the article

·             References

·             Use academic formats either MLA or APA to type your essay


The summary section must include:

·             Title, author and publication date

·             Paraphrases of main ideas of article

·             Transition words through out the summary

·             Reminder phrases through out the summary


The Analysis section must include:

·             Critique of article –find strengths and weaknesses about the writing of the article and explain why you think that aspect is strong or weak

·             Information from article that explains or supports your critique (2 quotes or paraphrases)

·             In text citation


Your essay will be graded on the following:

·             Your summary whether it is accurate

·             Your analysis whether it is logical and has adequate support

·             Your grammar

·             Your ability to follow assignment directions

·             Your ability to cite follow APA or MLA




College Writing II Outline for Critical Review Assignment Summer 2017



Directions:  Plan your Critical Review Assignment here. I will look at this before you begin to write your draft.






II.  Summary:

Title, author, publication, main ideas paraphrased in about 250 words







III.  Body:


Critique:  Make sure you give specific examples from the article.


2 Strengths of author’s writing:





2 Weaknesses of author’s writing:




Support from article: Provide one or two quotes or paraphrases from article






IV. Conclusion:





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