can you help me with this 2 homework questions

3. Write a Email: Use Format on Page 221

REQUESTING YOUR FIRM USE SOCIAL NETWORKING:???? Your small but prestigious firm has a web page that increasingly gets traffic and now you, the communications director, want to convince upper management to branch out to use Facebook and Twitter. Several of the senior partners think that social networking sites are trendy and informal and don’t accurately reflect the firm’s conservative image.?? You know that convincing some of the partners to adopt more modern strategies may be difficult,?? but you also know the firm stands to lose its competitive edge in a rapidly changing world. Send an email message requesting the firm use social media.?? This Assignment 13.16, Item “B” can be found on page 235. Consider the hints offered along with the assignment.


4. Write a?? Short Report?? Use Format on page 379 – 380



Complete assignment 22.8 (item ???b???) on page 374.


Evaluate five websites related to your Formal Report. For each source provide:

  • Author and?? URL link
  • Summary of source
  • Reliability Assessment: Is the site objective? Reliable? Current?
  • Revision date
  • Relevancy to your report
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