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Here is the assignment descriptions and attached is the page which should be use to do the homework. 

Part I – Entity Relationship Modeling.

In chapter 4, page 204 and 205, using case exercise number 3 as a reference:


Dr. Z in the MS Center is using the MS Clinic Management System from an external vendor to keep track of clinical information regarding his patients. The application uses a relational database. Before seeing a patient, Dr. Z reviews a printout of the worksheet shown in MVCH Figure 4- 6.


·         Use MySQL Workbench to create a 3NF ERD model of the worksheet shown in Figure 4-6, page 205. Be sure to include all necessary relationships and to account for all pertinent data represented on the worksheet.  Submit the diagram as a PDF or Word document to the group D2L folder.


·         Write the SQL CREATE statements that will implement this model in MySQL.  Remember to include the appropriate entity and referential constraints in each table structure. Submit as a text file or Word document to the group D2L folder.

  You will be evaluated on how clearly you explain your model and the choices you made in your design.

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